Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The realization of failure on Wednesday

Damn, I failed to remember this for two days in a row....
Sigh, well, got to move on and keep going. 
Monday: me and Jason went "shopping" which is code for us just to get out of the house together, we walked around for a while talking.
Tuesday: Was Joey's (Jason's son) second to last football game and he did really well.  He has been playing defense and really starting to show his strength in the game.
Today: I have been dwelling on the desire for a change, more so a change in my work life than my home life, so with that I'm on my way to work with no motivation but I am going to try and continue the philosophy of bringing happiness to work.

So, sorry for the failure and know that I haven't given up the goal. 

Enjoy the little things and I will try and do more than a recap for the next post! :D

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