Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, Saturday: MIA. Sunday:here!

Two days lost again... but I keep coming back so i take that as steps forward because I knew when i set this goal that it would be a challenge. I don't have a normal schedule and I'm working on improving a crappy memory.  Try to set ourselves back on track.

Positive energy out means positive energy in return.

Enjoy the little things!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Very early morning post for Thursday

Since I have a very hectic day planned for tomorrow I figured I would write my post for Thursday at 12:45am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I've been having some very vivid, lucid dreams lately and one of my friends has been telling me that it's my subconscious trying to tell me something but so far I haven't been able to find any common thread in the dreams.  I have started trying to remember to write down my dreams when I wake up, it's kind of a goal like this in terms of it's a challenge for my memory; this is a challenge for my memory just to remember to sit down and do it, with the dreams it's a two-fold challenge of trying to remember to do it and to try and focus and remember as much information from the dream as possible. 

The weather has finally shifted and it's really starting to feel like fall outside.  It has put me in the mood for all sorts of wonderful fall/wintery foods like; soup, pot roast, chili, stews, hot chocolate, hot tea, pies, homemade bread, yummy stuff!  It also means I'm breaking out my favorite section of my closet; my jackets, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, and all those fun clothes!!!

I just finished reading The Martian Chronicles by, Ray Bradbury and I've come to realize why I love and am indifferent to Bradbury more than any other sci-fi writer and it's fairly simple he writes about the topics I like in an almost painfully beautiful way but there's a detachment.... sometimes with him I feel like the writing is so beautiful and detailed that the story and the characters get lost in it.  I don't know I like it but I kind of don't at the same time...  Next on the reading list is Michael Crichton's State of Fear and it's really the last try I'm going to give Crichton.  I love his ideas, I think they're amazing and cool and different but I feel so bogged down with details in his stories that I often end up losing interest and it's unlike Bradbury because with Bradbury you can get lost in the details but the writing is so elegant and with such a flow that you kind of don't mind getting lost in them... with Crichton sometimes I feel like I'm reading a textbook or a manual.  So far the only Crichton book I have liked enough to keep has been Eaters of the Dead.  I have read Sphere and Timeline and both of them just overwhelmed me with really unnessesary (in my opinion) details.  I have two friends that are constantly astonished at my distaste for this author and one of them is the reason I'm trying State of Fear before I totally give up trying to find anything more than the one book by this author. 

I think that's all for the day, I need to get to bed to make it through that hectic day tomorrow.  I might write more for Thursday or I may just save it all for Friday :D

Until than enjoy the little things and think happy thoughts.

The realization of failure on Wednesday

Damn, I failed to remember this for two days in a row....
Sigh, well, got to move on and keep going. 
Monday: me and Jason went "shopping" which is code for us just to get out of the house together, we walked around for a while talking.
Tuesday: Was Joey's (Jason's son) second to last football game and he did really well.  He has been playing defense and really starting to show his strength in the game.
Today: I have been dwelling on the desire for a change, more so a change in my work life than my home life, so with that I'm on my way to work with no motivation but I am going to try and continue the philosophy of bringing happiness to work.

So, sorry for the failure and know that I haven't given up the goal. 

Enjoy the little things and I will try and do more than a recap for the next post! :D

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday... ish

To say I'm writing this on Sunday would technically be a lie, it's 1:30 in the morning on Monday morning.  I worked 11 hours at work today (Sunday) got off work at 10 pm, had to run some errands, got home at 11, and fell into my normal routine of watching shows, working on the blanket for Zoe and Ciara and totally forgot about this post. So here I am blurry eyed and ready to be laying down but keeping with the goal! 

I had a very weird dream last night...  The dogs had dug holes in the backyard (in the dream) and when I went closer to investigate these holes I found out they were actually these tunnels the dogs had dug all throughout the neighborhood... it was odd too because they were big enough tunnels for people to walk through... I may have to think more on this and find a way to turn it into a story...

The bed calls, I'll still count this as keeping with the goal just because I stayed up to write it instead of just going to sleep ;)

G'night, and don't forget to enjoy the little things even in your dreams :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, I figured this needs to be one major disclaimer for this goal I have which is; in order for me to post something everyday and to still get my list of other stuff done in a day spell check is about the extent of the editing I intend on using for most posts.  Today I went back to work, it was fairly normal.  I was inspired by the Campbell's soup commercial that says it's bring your happiness to work day and I tried to employee that way of thinking for  my shift.  Well, dinner is sitting in front of me smelling amazing so that's all you get for the day :D

Enjoy the little things.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Today, Friday the 14th of October in the year 2011 I am setting a goal.  A goal I am going to desperately try to achieve.  Lately I have had the feel that I just need to set a goal and stick to it.  So, what's this new goal you ask?  My goal is to post something every single day for one whole year, except for certain exceptions I am about to state:  Out of town, or out of the house for the entire 24 hours of the day.  (The only reason this is still a hard a fast exception for me in this technologically linked world is because I still have my bad choice smart phone: the crapberry and it doesn't do so well with anything other than facebook, email, texting, and calls.)  But anyway the only other exceptions are the obvious ones: really bad illness, misfortune to myself or family (Heaven forbid) etc.

So, I am not promising brilliant posts everyday, I'm not even promising much more than a paragraph about the general theme of my day but I at least have to post something. 

Today, I stayed home from work for the second day.  I haven't been feeling good, yesterday it felt like a fever achiness, swollen joints, pain, tiredness, nausea, etc.  and this morning I woke up with a sore throat and I am one of those unfortunate people that strep throat is as common as the cold to me.  So today I have stayed home to try and beat back any germs.  I have to work a lot of the weekend so that some of my co-workers can have fun ;) Happy Birthday Josh!  So, I wanted to make sure I was all healed up by tonight. 

I have had a piece of toast with a glass of orange juice, a bowl of chicken noodle soup (the best remedy) and another glass of orange juice, and now I'm sipping on some wonderful Earl Gray tea.  We'll be have an Italian casserole concoction that we just make up as we go.

I have been doing some research on getting a Camellia Sinensis plant, which is the plant that yo get tea leaves from because me and my Momma were talking about blending our own herbs in our teas to help with our specific health problems and since me and Jason already have the research in place to start our herb garden next growing season, and I'll have mint and thyme and sage and whole list of other wonderful things so I think it would be great to grow my own tea :D

I need to get to work on dinner, so this is my post for the day, I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Enjoy the little things!