Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm sorry for the lack of posts but, I have good news!!!!

Tomorrow, I am baking chocolate chip cookies with a brownie center!!!  They have become kind of a trademark for me!  I get requests for them almost daily!!  So tomorrow will be an all day affair of baking!  I'm excited to show everybody these, unfortunatly I have promised Jason that I will not post the actual recipe, which is okay because I don't really measure anything anymore for these because I make this so often!!!  But there will be pictures and I will be talking about what goes into them just not the quantitiies!!

The other good news is that I am past the halfway mark now on my knitted blanket for my nieces!!  I will be posting pictures but I ask everyone to keep in mind that it is my first knitting project of this size and that I was just making up a lot of it as I went so don't judge it too harshly!!!

I also have four reviews, that I need to finish up and than post.  Two books and two movies! 

Until later than, continue to be fascinated by the little things!!!

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