Sunday, May 22, 2011


So I've been busy at work lately, no time for baking, saddest words ever to be uttered I know, but true.  

I did begin attending Knit Nite at Loops & Yarn, a local yarn store here in town, and they seem to be a great group of ladies and I can't wait until the next one and we'll see I may even take a class or two.  Here's their website, you should check it out.  Anyway, I will be taking some pictures of the blanket I'm knitting for my nieces and hopefully within the next week or two it will be done and ready for it's very own post.

Anyway, now that I've rambled about other things, the main topic of this blog was going to be to discuss... That I have begun couponing!  Yes, I have.  No, I have not gone crazy with it and decided I need a stockpile to outlast nuclear winter, but I have decided I'm tired of throwing all my money into the pockets of companies that already have plenty.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind giving them some, I just think the mark up is getting to be a bit much.  I have begun small just clipping coupons and watching deals and seeing where I can best combine the two the get me a good deal and yesterday I had my first big victory!!!  I not only got 3 bottles of our favorite BBQ sauce for free!!!  I got a dollar off the rest of my purchase!!!!  

For both of my grocery shopping trips (I split my usual one into two so as to get things that were on sale at my two favorite grocery stores) I saved a combined amount of roughly $75.00!!!!  Which means I got roughly $325.00 worth of grocery (food, non-food, and pets) for roughly $250.00!!! I know!!!  I was pretty stoked!!!

If you're interested in doing it too, there is a lady who's blog has really been helping me learn the ropes of couponing, it's Coupon Closet!!  

I had to share our good news, and maybe with the increase in savings we'll be able to afford to finish the remodel on our kitchen and you will get to see beautiful baked goods even more!!!

As always, don't forget to enjoy life and fascinated and thrilled with the little things!!

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