Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My opinion of the movie Red

We watched Red last night, directed by Robert Schwentke. SPOILER ALERT!!!!

I really enjoyed the performances of Helen Mirren as Victoria, 

of John Malkovich as Marvin, 

and Brian Cox as Ivan. 

Malkovich's character of Marvin, the LSD addled former agent was absolutely hysterical. The pig he took with him when they originally leave his house!!! I loved it!! And of course when the woman with the, “camera in her purse,” calls him an old man and he blows her up! Of course that scene was a little ruined by the trailer but still funny irregardless.

Victoria and Ivan.  When Victoria first talks about the agent she fell in love with to Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) and about how she had to prove her loyalty and so she put three shots in his chest!!! I laughed so hard at the way she says it, fantastic performance!!!! And when Ivan says, I know she still still loved me because she shot me in the chest. Again, the delivery is just amazing!!! The dynamic between Ivan and Victoria does seem to over-shadow the dynamic between Sarah and Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) for me.

I like a lot of the little twists and turns and definitely enjoyed the jokes along the way. I would have liked a little more of a nod towards Joe (Morgan Freeman) when he gets shot.

All around I found it to be a decent movie, but not amazing. I say give it a watch but for me it's a renter not an owner!


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