Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kind of Random First Post

Me and Jason (my boyfriend) went to this little outlet mall in Gainsville, TX last week and we got some chocolates from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I got a Black Cherry Cream and an Orange Cream and Jason got a Cashew Bear, a chocolate truffle, and an English Toffee Square. It was so delicious! So much so that the only thing I had to take a picture of was the bag! :D 

I got a very pretty Asian inspired tea set from Jason's Grandma, I think it's very pretty...

I am the proud owner of three carnivorous plants, the only plants I've ever been able to keep alive. Jason bought them for me last summer. All three of them just got re-potted two weeks ago and started really growing!! The first one he got me is the Octopus Plant, it's a very interesting plant it has these soft red spines along the last inch of long green stems. These soft spines secrete a sticky liquid that will help trap any wayward fly and allow the stem to actually coil around the insect! This plant also has really small purple flowers that it produces every few months.

The second carnivorous plant he gave me is the classic, the Venus Flytrap. Everyone tends to have seen an image of this plant somewhere along the way. It has these leaves that grow together to form a kind of fold and along the inside of each leaf are very fine hairs that when disturbed cause the two leaves to snap shut and trap the fly inside. Then they secrete a liquid that breaks down the fly so that the plant can absorb the proteins it needs! This plant has tiny white flowers every few months.

The third and final carnivorous plant currently in my collection is the Purple Pitcher. It forms these long... leaves, stems, things.... they're in the shape of a horn and are green but the veins of each one is a dark purple, they also have very fine hairs along the inside of the horn and they have a pool of liquid in the bottom of each horn, the liquid smells really good to bugs and when they go down to get a taste they get trapped because those fine hairs only face downward on the horn so the bug can slide down no problem but backing out is another story. This plant has never bloomed before in all the time I've had it but within the last few weeks it has developed a bud!!! I'm excited to see what color and everything when it finally blooms, the bud is already much larger than the other two!!

This post is kind of all over the place and I'm sorry for that but it's my first one, it will get better, I promise. Anyway, this is my new disc from Innova the Vulcan!!!! I'm super excited it's a 158 weight and this beautiful sky blue!!!!! I haven't gotten to throw it yet but Jason has already gotten to throw his 173 weight red one and he says it's already become a go-to disc!!! I don't know though I'm still pretty loyal to my Katana(also from Innova) but I think I'm going to get a chance to throw it soon so we'll see! The stamp on the disc is for our annual Three Park Throwdown tournament that Sooner Disc Golf has every year in April!

The last, but not least, topic I'm going to touch on during this very chaotic post is that I am currently reading Dandelion Wine by, Ray Bradbury and it's very different than anything I have ever read by him before. I've only ever read, Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Both of which I love dearly but Fahrenheit 451 takes place in the future and Something Wicked This Way Comes deals very closely with the supernatural while Dandelion Wine takes place in the past, not just the past from now either but the past from the year Bradbury wrote it, and so far has had to do with mostly very commonplace things written about in a very beautiful and interesting way. Admittedly I'm only a quarter of the way through the book, Bradbury may have a surprise for me yet!

Thank you to everyone who made it through this very disjointed post I do promise that future posts will be more cohesive!

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